Note: We did not correct any mis-spelled words. We posted the letters as we received them.

Jan, 2013
"I cannot really find the words to say how wonderful the caregivers were:  comforting, caring and very dependable ." Thank you again!
R. M.
Centennial, CO

March, 2013
Elders 1st, increased the quality of life for my mother. Everyone has been knowledgeable about providing specialty care.The caregivers are very dependable and caring.
M. W.
Denver, CO

Feb, 2015
"We were impressed with the patient center care, and the caregivers  effort to get to know my father. They found a caregiver that was best suited for my father. He treated my father as if that was his father".
L. A.
Scottsdale, AZ

June, 2015

"Elders 1st, is a great company. They treated their caregivers very well. I was very impressed. The caregivers really give the best of care to my mother and dad. I had gone through 3 agencies before I found Elders 1st. They are amazing. The caregivers are dependable, caring and my mom and daddy really received quality care.
M. J.
Chandler, AZ

Jan, 2016

Thank you for everything. Your caregivers are great. My mom experience was what I hoped it would be. She take good care of me and my sister and we wanted the best for her at the end of her life and you give her that.
L. N.
Aurora, CO

Aug, 2016
Words could never say how grateful I am to have found your company. Enclosed please there are gifts for the caregivers that cared for my father they were great. Thank you
Scottsdale, AZ

Sept, 2016

I have referred a few people to your company. The caregivers I had was beyond amazing. Thank you
B. W.
Parker, CO

Jan, 2017

I was sorry to hear that your CEO was ill and your company was cutting back on service. I hope she is well soon.  We need quality home care agency. I referred a couple to you and they could not say enough nice things about your caregivers and the staff in the office.
I will continue to refer people and hope you are back soon taking a full load of patients.
A. M
Golden, CO

Elders 1st, send me a very quality caregiver to care for my mother and there rates where very good.
Thank you Elders 1st
J. M.- Aurora, CO

Most agencies will send you a new caregiver everyday, But when I got service for my father, Elders 1st send the same caregiver for 8 months.  I was very happy with Elders 1st and I would recommended them to anyone that is seeking care for a loved one.  The caregiver was very experienced and their rates were lower than any agency that I had called in the Denver area .  When my dad died Elders 1st, call to see if I need any help with anything.  This is really a good agency.
B.W. - Denver, CO

I needed help for my mother who lived in Arizona. A  Nurse  told me about Elders 1st in Denver, she told me that they had caregivers that travel to different states and work.  Elders 1st send a caregiver to Arizona to live with my mother and they assigned a geriatric manager to my case who monitored by mothers care in Arizona.  I did not have to pay extra for the geriatric manager  Elders 1st provide with every case.  It was great and less pressure on my family.
J. A. - Detroit

Talk about super care these caregivers at Elders 1st are the best.  This company really sets out to give quality care.
R. T. - Littleton, CO

When I first called Elders 1st, I was not sure if I wanted to use a home health agency, I thought the prices are to high.  But at Elders 1st they charged me $14 an hour for the caregiver which included their fee as well. That was great.  Plus there caregivers give excellent care to my mother.
J. H. Denver

I needed someone to care for my mother in Arizona,  Elders 1st rate was $180 for someone to live in with my mother, Wow, that was a good rate, because I had called other places in Arizona and they wanted $260 and up . In addition, Elders 1st give great quality of care to my mother as well as low prices.
Thanks Elders 1st.
P. W. -Arizona

All I will say is if you need care, this is the place to call and don't worry if you don't live in or around Denver  because in some states they will send a caregiver to you.
R. C. - Nevada

Thank you Elders 1st for the excellent caregivers that you send to take care of my mother. The level of experience and compassion that the caregivers showed was outstanding.
J. E. - Denver